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A Purpose

I have been in love with photography since I was first handed a camera as a young teen. Nearly every paper, every project, every piece of art I’ve been asked to create has found its origins in the realm of photography. I have studied the art of photographic creation and the science behind its ability to communicate.

During my times at USM and SU, my interest in a photograph’s relationship with the art of storytelling began. At SU, especially, my education focused on using the still photograph by itself as well as in conjunction with other mediums to tell cohesive stories. Storytelling has been a part of human history since the very beginning. Our traditions have ranged from an oral history to the more physical elements of painting and sculpture to the present when we are developing storytelling in the ethereal world of the internet. Photography is a more recent part of storytelling’s history but has developed into a medium that everyone can relate their experience.

I want to follow and explore that path from the time of Brady during the American Civil War through Dorothea Lange of the Great Depression to the present day Lynsey Addario and see how photography has developed as a storytelling technique. This blog will be an outlet for the journey I take along that path.


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